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Twisting to the Rhythm

Twisting to the Rhythm
Nobody's Perfect
Kanga La Roo
The Santa Claus Parade
The Old Screen Door
Family Tree
Play My Drum
Be Cool at Your School
Christmas Is
Angel's Lullaby
Calling Canada

Twisting to the Rhythm

Raise your hands, Wave them high in the air
Put them down on your hips,
And wiggle like a bear
Now stomp your feet, March all around
Shake your head, Without making a sound

Shake your body, Don't hold back
Let's all spin around, Twisting to the rhythm
Up and down, can you touch the ground

*Let's all spin around, Twisting to the rhythm
(Repeat chorus to * 2nd time sing
Let's all spin around & around & around)

Hold your arms out wide, Spin them around
Now bend your knees, Move up and down
Clap your hands, Stomp your feet
Can you do them both together,
While keeping the beat


Nobody's Perfect

Nobody's perfect, but I'll always try
If you say you're perfect, you're telling a lie
If everyone was perfect, it wouldn't be great
We learn from mistakes we make

When I was young I saw an itty bitty bug
I thought it looked pretty so I gave it a hug
The bug didn't like it and buzzed angrily
I learned not to hug a bee


Way back when, my training wheels were gone
Put my helmet on tight but I kept falling down
Mom and Dad helped, to keep me up right
That's how I learned how to ride a bike


Two plus two, does not make five
If you don't have wings, it's pretty hard to fly
Never stop trying if at first you don't succeed
Mistakes help us learn what we need

Chorus: (repeat last line 3 times)

Kanga La Roo

I'm gonna tell you a story, about a special Kangaroo
He'd spend everyday doing, what all the other Kangaroo do
He'd hop up and down, hop all around
He'd hop over every fence in town
No one could catch him, he was better than the best
Until that day he was put to the test

He said "This is getting boring, it's time to go exploring
I know that there are mountains left to climb
So I'm gonna take a chance, sail away to France
Find another way to pass my time
Well when I got there, everyone would stop and stare
They couldn't believe what I could do
It didn't take long, 'til they were singing a song
About the incredible Kanga La Roo"

Kanga La Roo, knew what he had to do,
He would be the hippest , the hippest, highest, hoppest
The hippest, highest, hoppest Kangaroo
His fame grew by the hour, He even jumped the Eiffel Tower
Now all over France, they're doing his dance
Everybody do, the Kanga La Roo

Hop up and down, Spin yourself around
Everybody do, the Kanga La Roo (x 4)

Now you've heard the story, about a special Kangaroo
Who found his fame and glory, by doing what he knew he could do
If you follow your dreams, and always do the best you can do
You will always be a winner, just like Kanga La Roo

The Santa Claus Parade

It's come once again to that time of year
When the man in red brings his eight reindeer
To march with the bands, sing Christmas songs
We all go downtown and help him along
Let's all get up and march in the Santa Claus Parade
(Let's go marchin' in the Santa Claus parade) x 2

There's Little Bo Peep, There's Little Tom Thumb
There's Little Miss Muffet, There's a boy with a drum
There's clowns that can walk on their hands or their feet
There's those little Shriner cars that go beep, beep, beep
Let's all get up and march, in the Santa Claus Parade
(Let's go marchin' in the Santa Claus Parade) x 2


Now your feet are freezin' and nose is red
There's visions of Christmas toys dancin' in your head
You've heard all the sounds, seen the Christmas sights
Now here comes Santa with his beard so white
I'm glad we came to march in the Santa Claus Parade

The Old Screen Door                 written by Roger Chamberlain

When I was a little girl, there was a place I'd like to go
Down in the Ottawa Valley, part of Ontario

Where the river flowed by my nanny's door
I ran in the sand along the shore
I can still hear the slamming of the old screen door
How I love those memories

We'd go back each summer, happy as we could be
Swimming in the river, laughing and feeling free

'Cause the river flowed by my granny's door
Every summer we'd go back for more
We'd buy an ice cream at the general store
How I love those memories

Now the years go by so quickly, I have a little girl of my own
She loves the Ottawa Valley, wants us to call it home

Where the river flows by her Nanny's door
She can run in the sand along the shore
She can't imagine how there could be more
How she'll love those memories

"Cause the river flows by her Nanny's door
She can run in the sand along the shore
She'll always hear the slamming of the old screen door
That's what memories are for, the sound of the old screen door


There's a mysterious ghost living in our house
Where he comes from? I'm just not sure

It seems to affect everything that we do
And I can only hope that there is a cure

You know that I've never seen it,
But I know that it's around
It's so quiet that it never makes a sound

Now I've come to the conclusion,
One of us will have to go
It's either me, or the ghost named Idono

I just don't know what to do,
He gets blamed for just about everything
that goes wrong around here.
It wouldn't surprise me to find out that he has a brother or two.



And their names are? What!
Their names? What!
Tell me their names! What, Who cares!
Don't be rude, what is the other ghosts name? That's right and who cares.
I care, and I've had it with you.  
The first ghost is? Idono
You don't know? No Idono.
You're driving me crazy!  
What is the Ghosts name? That's right!
I see! No that is what the road is like after it snows.

Who put the gum underneath my chair------------Idono
Who left the skateboard at the top of the stairs-Idono
Who ate all the cookies in the cookie jar----------Idono
Who left the lights on in our brand new car-------Idono

You know I've never seen him,
But he always gets the blame
He must live in the attic, or maybe in the drain
He's mischievous and spooky, altogether ooky
Mysterious Idono, Mysterious Idono

Who put the rocks in the washing machine------Idono
Who put the bug in the vanilla ice cream---------Idono
Who turned the water on then went outside-----Idono
Who put the gravel on the playground slide-----Idono


Family Tree

I'm the top branch on my family tree
Look at all the people who have come before me
The tree is taller than I will ever be
I'm the top branch on my family tree
It's good to look back at your history
Look close and you'll probably see
You're related to me

The tree is tall and the roots grow deep
Back in time is where you must creep
To find out why you are the way you are
You have your grandma's nose,
And your grandpa's toes
Your daddy's hair and your mother's stare
You're a little bit of everyone who's lived
On your family tree


When Grandma's Grandma and Grandpa met
A car hadn't even been invented yet
There were no computers there was no MTV
No one knows how big your tree will grow
It just needs love so let everybody know
That you're proud of the people who have lived
On your family tree


Play My Drum

When I really wanna' have some fun
I go outside and I play my drum
It makes me happy as I can be
Come on and play your drum with me

Drum Break

Pots and pans will do anytime
I've even played drums an a traffic sign
I drum when I knock upon your door
I even play drums at the grocery store
Sometimes I play in the middle of the night
But Mom gets mad now that's quite a sight
I drum to the east, I drum to the west
But drummin' right here is what I love the best

Chorus - Drum Break

I feel the rhythm everywhere I go
Watch the people walk to and fro'
There's even rhythm in my heart beat
I can even keep the beat with my own two feet

Drum Break -- Chorus

Take a little bit of pride
It has to come from inside
Respect everyone at your school
And try to follow the rules

If we all pull together like one big family
We'll help each other be the best that we can be
Have a good attitude, set a good example
If you wanna' be cool at your school
If you wanna' be cool at your school

Treat everyone like they're a friend
That's a message you can send
Show everyone that you care
And that it's easy to share

If we all pull together like one big family
We'll help each other be the best that we can be
Have a good attitude, set a good example
If you wanna' be cool at your school
If you wanna' be cool at your school

Solo to …Have a good attitude……..

1st verse (repeat last line 3 x total)

Christmas Is


Christmas is, a time to share,
show our friends, that we all care

If I could make one wish I'd say,
peace on earth on Christmas Day

See the child with no food to eat,
see the one with no shoes on her feet

See the man with no home to sleep,
they cry on Christmas day


Colored lights, throughout the town,
stockings hung one by one

Happy faces shed tears of joy,
they cry on Christmas day


A baby born, so long ago,
asked everyone to believe

That we should open our hearts and share
Our love on Christmas day

Chorus..repeat last line 3 times

I sit in this rocking chair, watching you sleep
Your life lies before you, the mountains are steep
I'll try to prepare you with this lullaby
I'll choose the words carefully, so you'll see

I'll be your angel, wherever you go,
I'll always be with you, you always will know
I'm the angel, who will help you to try
To solve all your mysteries, be there when you cry
I'll sing you, this angels lullaby

May you always be witty, may you always be strong
May you always be helpful, when something is wrong
May you always keep trying, may you always be kind
May you always be safe, from the dangers you'll find

May you always say thank you, may you always say please
May you always say excuse me, whenever you sneeze
Will you always forgive me, if I make you cry
Will you never forget me, remember,


When you sit in this rocking chair,
Watching your baby sleep
Wondering how you'll protect her,
From the problems she'll meet
Just remember these words, sit back and smile
Enjoy every moment, sing softly,


Calling Canada

We stand together at the top of the world
From distant shores we came to find a better life
We all are different, sometimes we disagree
But we're a family, and were free

We're the miners of Cape Breton,
We're the loggers of B.C.
We're the farmers of the prairies
And we wave the fleurs-de-lys
We're the sailors on the Great Lakes
Students reaching for the sky
We're the product of a dream,
And I hope we'll always be

Calling Canada, Home to all our dreams
Canada, Where we all stand proud and free
Canada, Land of hope from sea to sea
We're Calling Canada the greatest place to be

Nobody said we could have freedom without cost
We shed a tear for all the brave ones we have lost
We are the monument for those who gave there all
We are Canada - je me souviens

This is a time to count our blessings
Time to fill our sails with wind
A great time to look around us,
A time to look within
To the people of the world
We are a beacon in the night
So let's show them we're united
And we always will be proud of


It's time to celebrate, no time to hesitate
Who knows how great we'll be, in the twenty-first century
We're calling everyone, there's work here to be done
In a hundred years they'll see, someone will still be
Calling Canada ……


Unless otherwise specified, words and music by Richard Johnson.
Copyright 1995 Ricter Scale Music.

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