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Hand Clap Band
Tell Me Why
Backward Blues
Forever Friend
Sir Poopsalot
I'm Glad
Lady Bug
Cheeseburgers & Fries

Everybody listen to what I have to say
We're gonna have a lot of fun today
Try to let the music take us for a ride
If you don't feel happy, well at least we tried

Everybody has to lend a hand
We're all gonna be a part of the band
We'll clap our hands and slap the floor
Let's try to wake up the people next door

(Slap the floor, clap your hands
We're all part of the Hand Clap Band) x2
(Be a)

Hand clap rock is so easy to do
Watch that it doesn't take over you
Once you get started it's so hard to stop
Everywhere you go you hear the hand clap rock

Chorus-Clap solo-Chorus

Tell me why, airplanes can fly
Tell me why, onions make you cry
Tell me why, the sky is blue
Tell me why, I love you

Have you ever tried, to explain thinks that happen everyday
Like where raindrops and teardrops and gumdrops all come from
Why do some things make you happy and chase all your blues away
And other times, you feel so sad, you just want to get up and run

Every question needs an answer, and I hope you understand
I will always try to do the best I can… When you say


Why do leaves turn brown in the fall, and green again in the spring?
Why does water spin as it goes down the drain?
Why do people cry at sad movies?
Why does everybody love to sing?
Why is every snowflake different?
Why don't we all look the same?

Every question needs an answer, and I hope you understand
I will always try to do the best I can…When you say


I've got the backward blues
Everything is turned around
**(I've got the backward blues, everything is upside down
Even when I'm feeling happy
My smile still looks like a frown)**

I looked into a classroom, I was shocked to see
A teacher getting' homework from a class of twenty-three **( )**

Well I'm waiting for the school bus, and the moon is shining bright
I can't believe I'm going to school in the middle of the night
I've got the backward blues, it's startin' to make me mad
If you see me with a smiling face, you know it really means I'm sad

I was walking down the avenue, in the middle of the day
I saw some children doing housework, while Mom and Dad went out to play
** ( ) **

Well Mama called "its time for supper", so listen to me Bud
Before you eat your food, go out and cover yourself with mud ** ( ) **

I was looking through some boxes today
When I suddenly fell back in time
A familiar face, was peeking at me
From behind, an old fishing line
Though your edges are tattered and worn
You have been here since the day I was born

I remember how we used to dance
Or pretend we were walking in France
You never got tired of listening to me
Tell stories about what I wanted to be
And when I was sad you were there
To give me a bear hug to show that you care
You're always there for me, always take care of me
You're with me through thick and thin
You never ask me why, you never make me cry
You are my forever friend

Well we fought all the battles and won
Then one day, I thought your work was done
So I set you aside, and I went out alone
On a journey that carried me too far from home
I've weathered the wind and the rain
And I promise that I'll never leave you again

I'll always be there for you, Always take care of you
I'll be with you through thick and thin
I'll never ask you why, I'll never make you cry
I am your forever friend

It's important when you have a pet
To find a name no one's thought of yet
For a name is so important to us all
It can describe a sign of stature, or of color or of size
But most important, a pet should answer when you call

Now many names are different, but many are the same
And here's the story of a special one
That may enter the name hall of fame

The children in room 23, own a little white rat
He doesn't talk in a squeaky voice, wear shorts or even a hat
He eats and sleeps, and sleeps and eats and sometimes spins his wheel
The children all took care of him, it was part of a special deal

The rat would live in his cage in the room
And the children would all get a chance
At looking after his little home so the rat had a clean place to prance
They called him many names but none were right like Sam or Ted
But one day when Katy was cleaning the cage, this is what she said

Let's call him Sir Poopsalot
It's kind of silly, but it says a lot
About what he does a lot
He's our Sir Poopsalot

It's important when you have a pet, to find a name no one's thought of yet
For a name is so important to us all
Black Beauty and Old Yeller, are so easy to describe
They had perfect names that stuck for their whole life
Which brings us back to this regal pet, that Katy named so well
Just look in his cage, and you'll see why
This story is so easy to tell


I'm glad I'm not a soccer ball, soccer ball, soccer ball
I'm glad I'm not a soccer ball
I don't wanna get kicked around

I'm glad I'm not a banana peel, banana peel, banana peel
I'm glad I'm not a banana peel
Nobody's gonna slip on me

I'm happy being me, I'm sure everyone agrees
If you're not happy with who you are
Then you're not gonna go very far

I'm glad I'm not a running shoe, running shoe, running shoe
I'm glad I'm not a running shoe
'Cause everyone would say P.U.


I'm glad that I am not alone, not alone, not alone
I'm glad that I am not alone
I'm glad you're here with me
And I'm happy being me (2x)

One day the boys and girls were playing in the snow
When someone said "The snow's just right to make a man you know"
So they all set to work and by the end of the day
The field was covered with snowy men at play

No two were the same, some were short, some were tall, some wore hats
Some had no clothes at all
They had one thing in common, none could move
They didn't have legs, much less a pair of shoes

Now when the sun went down, the children all were inside
When one snowy man, appeared to slide
He reached and he stretched, and he shook off some snow
To reveal two legs, on which he could go
Soon all the others started to twist and shake
And as their legs appeared they thought they'd have a parade
In the cold and the dark, they didn't make a sound
They had to say cool, or they'd melt to the ground

As the snowmen were marching, they were such a sight
One of them noticed the sky getting bright
They knew they all had to hurry, to get back to their spot
So the children wouldn't know about the powers they got

They hurried and scurried it was such a race
Before the sun came up they had to be in their place
If they didn't return to the place where they were made
They they'd have to spend the daylight hiding in the shade

Almost all returned except for two little ones
They loved the freedom they had, so they started to run
They played tag with the sun and soon they were in trouble
The sun said "Tag, you're it"
Now they're one big puddle

So if you ever wonder why your snowman disappears
We think we've solved the mystery after all these years
In the night time Snowmen wander, while you are fast asleep
The ones that don't come home become the puddles on your street

When Snowmen start to walk they have to stay in the dark
They don't wanna start havin' too much fun
'Cause they might get caught by Mister Sun

Ladybug-Would you like to be a ladybug (2x)
Would you like to be a ladybug?
Would you like to be a ladybug?
You'd have pretty orange wings upon your back
Covered with spots all painted black
Two antennas on the top of your head
Six little shoes tucked under your bed
Would you like to be ladybug?

Polar Bear-How about a polar bear(2x)
Would you like to be a polar bear?
Would you like to be a polar bear?
You'd have long white fur all over your face
You'd live up north 'cause it's the coolest place
Great big paws to make great big tracks
And when the snow falls down, it kinda tickles your back
You know you could be a polar bear

Dinosaur-You could be a dinosaur (2x)
Would you like to be a dinosaur?
Would you like to be a dinosaur?
You could have a choice to walk or fly
Have a neck so long it almost reaches the sky
With great big feet pounding on the ground
When you open your mouth you'd make a terrible sound
Would you like to be a dinosaur?

You can be anything that you want to be
It's easy if you try
From the smallest bug to the biggest whale
You just have to close your eyes

Would you like to be a ladybug? (2x)

Cheeseburgers and fries (2x)
Somethings go together, I don't know why
Like cheeseburgers and fries

Well there's peas and carrots, kittens and cats
Chairs and tables and balls and bats
Wind and rain, keys and locks
Snow and cold, shoes and socks

Some things go together, I can't explain
Like you're gonna get wet if you stand in the rain

Do you ever wonder why things are the way they are?
Why close is close and far is far?
Why the grass is green and the sky is blue?
Why I am me and you are you?
Why do some things go together?
There's so much to learn
Like if you play with fire, you're gonna get burned

Well there's a horse and buggy, hammer and a nail
Salt in the ocean and water in a pail
Picnics and ants, trees and leaves, knots in your laces and birds and bees
Some things go together, I don't know why
Like Cheeseburgers and Fries

A smile, is a little seed we can give to everyone we see
Before you know, it starts to grow, then we'll all live together in Harmony

If you want to be happy for a lifetime
You've got to let the sunshine in your life
But don't you know, life's too short to be unhappy
Every dark cloud has a lining that wants to shine

Sometimes the choices that we make are not the right ones
That's when you pick yourself up and get back in the race
It doesn't matter if you win, it's just how you play
Treat everyone like a friend, and they'll treat you just the same


You should go through every day with your eyes open
Try to learn from everyone that you meet
There is good and there is bad, it's up to you to choose
But whatever you give out, you will receive


Harmony: Lyrics by Richard Johnson & Roger Watson
Music by Roger Watson


Unless otherwise specified, words and music by Richard Johnson.
Copyright 1995 Ricter Scale Music.

Copyright © 2002-2006 Ricter Scale Music

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