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Terri Crawford & Rick Johnson began performing together in high school in Winnipeg in the 1970's. Their music brought them to southern Ontario where, as the Terri Crawford Band, they quickly established themselves as one of the hardest working groups in the country. They recorded four albums in the 1980's and played every major venue in the country before "settling down" to have a family. Performing sing-a-longs for their children's kindergarten class led them into the wonderful world of children's music.

They recorded Rick's song, "Calling Canada", with a choir of students from their children's school and once again they were back in the national spotlight. This recording project was featured in MacLean's magazine and on Canada AM and led to meetings with the Prime Minister and the Governor General.
More Information about "Calling Canada"

Their first recording for children "Just for Kids" was released in 1996 and quickly became a favourite of children, parents and teachers. Most of the song lyrics come from "parental observations" says Rick and contain a positive message for today's children. They released "Twisting to the Rhythm" in 1999, which continued the musical journey and inspired one of the most entertaining live shows around. In 2003, Terri & Rick focused on child physical fitness and released their third children’s recording titled, “The Healthy Hustle”. This recording captures the energy of their live presentation with several up tempo participation songs plus a new collection of songs about imagination, self-pride and family life. 2006 has brought the latest release by Terri and Rick titled, “Together We Light the Way”. This recording features two new songs plus a collection of songs from their previous three recordings built around a “good character” theme. This collection was selected by Educator Sandra Dean and her team at Together We Light the Way based in Oshawa Ontario.

Whether live or on CD, Terri & Rick continue to deliver world class music for children.

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Terri & Rick present… Together We Light The Way

Together We Light The Way - CD Front
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Lyrics + More Info

There are teaching tips for each song included inside the CD cover.

Together We Light The Way Click to Listen!
Character Click to Listen!
I'm Glad
Be Cool at Your School
If You Can Do It
When I Grow Up
Forever Friend
Family Tree
Nobody's Perfect
Calling Canada
Mon Canada
Twisting to the Rhythm
Together We Light The Way                            (reprise)

Terri & Rick present… The Healthy Hustle !
Healthy Hustle Click to Listen!
Body Rock
It's a Dog's Life
S.M.A.R.T. Click to Listen!
When I Grow Up
Butterfly Dance
If You Can Do It
Shake Click to Listen!
The Freeze
You Can Close Your Eyes


Terri & Rick present… Twisting To The Rhythm !
Twisting to the Rhythm Click to Listen!
Nobody's Perfect Click to Listen!
Kanga La Roo
The Santa Claus Parade Click to Listen!
The Old Screen Door
Family Tree
Play My Drum
Be Cool at Your School
Christmas Is
Angel's Lullaby
Calling Canada * Click to Listen!
             * Special Report


Terri & Rick present… Just For Kids !
Hand Clap Band Click to Listen!
Tell Me Why Click to Listen!
Backward Blues
Forever Friend
Sir Poopsalot Click to Listen!
I'm Glad
Lady Bug
Cheeseburgers & Fries

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