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Calling Canada

Calling Canada on Twisting To The Rhythm CDHere is some interesting background information to the highly acclaimed song "Calling Canada." We include some commentary, a short sound clip, and the song's lyrics. The full version can be found on the Terri and Rick album "Twisting To The Rhythm".

Calling CanadaIn 1992, Rick wrote a song and entered it in a contest sponsored by the Canadian Federal Government. The contest was to find a song to celebrate Canada's 125th birthday. Rick's song, "Calling Canada", was chosen as one of the ten finalist out of over 700 songs entered. The song was set-aside until 1995 when the referendum question was looming in Quebec. After his 7-year old daughter suggested that maybe people would be happier if they could sing the Canada Song, Terri and Rick went to work organizing a community recording project. They approached their children's school with a unique offer. They would raise the money locally to cover production cost of recording a CD single of "Calling Canada" in English and French featuring Terri and a choir made up of students from each classroom in Grandview Public School in Bethany, Ontario. Teacher Rene Paul translated the lyrics into French and the recording took place in March of 1995.

The single was released in May of 1995 and received coverage right across Canada. Peter Gzowski featured the song on CBC's Morningside and MacLean's Magazine did an article about the project. Terri and Rick and a group of the children were invited to Ottawa to present copies of the recording to Prime Minister Chretien and Governor General Romeo Leblanc.

Scholastic Books made copies of the recording available for sale to teachers across Canada. Before the CD's were shipped, the students at the school applied stickers to each one offering free sheet music to anyone who sent a self-addressed stamped envelope with the sticker, to the school. Over 500 Teachers from across Canada took them up on their offer. The cost of the sheet music was covered by Co-Steel Lasco. The students mapped where their song was being heard and were thrilled to see it travel from coast to coast.

Terri and Rick and the students sang at many events that year culminating with an appearance at a pro Canada rally at Nathan Phillips Square in Toronto before over 25,000 people in October of 1995. The project received the Canada Birthday Achievement Award from the Federal Government. The song has gone on to become a staple of music festivals across Canada. The original recording sold several thousand copies and all funds raised from sales went to help fund student programs at Grandview Public School in Bethany, Ontario, Canada.

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Calling Canada - Song Lyrics

We stand together at the top of the world
From distant shores we came to find a better life
We all are different, sometimes we disagree
But we're a family, and were free

We're the miners of Cape Breton,
We're the loggers of B.C.
We're the farmers of the prairies
And we wave the fleurs-de-lys
We're the sailors on the Great Lakes
Students reaching for the sky
We're the product of a dream,
And I hope we'll always be

Calling Canada, Home to all our dreams
Canada, Where we all stand proud and free
Canada, Land of hope from sea to sea
We're Calling Canada the greatest place to be

Nobody said we could have freedom without cost
We shed a tear for all the brave ones we have lost
We are the monument for those who gave there all
We are Canada - je me souviens

This is a time to count our blessings
Time to fill our sails with wind
A great time to look around us,
A time to look within
To the people of the world
We are a beacon in the night
So let's show them we're united
And we always will be proud of


It's time to celebrate, no time to hesitate
Who knows how great we'll be, in the twenty-first century
We're calling everyone, there's work here to be done
In a hundred years they'll see, someone will still be
Calling Canada ……

Words and Music By Richard Johnson
Copyright © 1995 Ricter Scale Music

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Calling Canada

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