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In 1997, Terri and Rick developed a fund-raising project at their children's school which involved recording each individual classroom singing Christmas/Holiday songs. The children sang to pre-recorded music tracks in a "recording studio" which Terri and Rick created in one of the classrooms. The classroom teachers were each given a tape of their chosen song about a month in advance of the recording so that the students could learn their song. The recording took place over 3 days with each class taking about 30 to 45 minutes to record their performance. When the recording was completed, the students held a colouring contest to design a cover and a CD was manufactured and sold to the school community. The end result was a lifelong treasure for the families, a learning experience for the students and a $3000.00 profit for the school.

We are the 21st Century
In the spring of 2000, Terri and Rick fine-tuned their "remote recording" abilities by completing a Millennium Project for the Trillium Lakelands District School Board. Each of the 52 school in the board was challenged to write a school song and Terri and Rick visited each school to record their efforts. This project, titled "We are the 21st Century" was completed over a six week period and received extensive coverage on CBC, CTV and the national press. It was one of the most unique and ambitious projects of the Millennium and the finished CD is a great slice of Canadiana!

Terri and Rick have recorded more than 20 school Christmas / Holiday CD's, 3 elementary school music program CD's and recently, a full Secondary School music program including large and small bands and choirs.

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